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Save your furniture and your kitty's claws by owning the best cat scratching post at the best price!

        Our sisal cat scratching posts are tall, sturdy and covered with cat friendly woven sisal.

"Cats are going to scratch, it's a huge part of who they are!  We are strongly opposed to declawing and our company was founded to offer a reliable alternative.  We originally made cat scratching posts only for our local rescue organization, but they quickly became so popular, what started as a small project soon turned into a full time business.  


At TopCat Products, cat scratching posts are our business; our only business.  If you want to stop the destruction of your furniture, give your kitties an outlet for their innate desire to scratch and save time and money, order our scratching post today! If our cat scratching post does not to become the main focus for your cats scratching activities, return it within 30 days for a full refund, minus shipping charges"--Owner, TopCat Products.


"The scratching post that I highly recommend is made by TopCat Products.  It's sisal-covered and the fabric is very tight and well done.  The post is round so it's easy for a cat to get it's paws around it and for a kitten, this makes for great climbing.  Initially, you can place the post on it's side and play with your kitty as he gets used to the feel of it.  I think this post is the best out there.  Another thing I like about the TopCat design is that it's hollow inside.  This makes for an incredible sound when the kitties scratch it.  I found that my kitties come running from the far ends of the house if they hear me running my nails along the sisal."--Pam Johnson-Bennett, feline behaviorist and the author of "Think Like a Cat", "Twisted Whiskers", "Hiss and Tell" and "Cat vs Cat".


Our cat scratching posts are endorsed by many cat websites and rescue organizations including:  The Anti-Cruelty Society, PETA, Paws Chicago, Lisa Violet, Stop Declaw, Save a Paw, Cat Care Tips and Tricks, and many more.

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