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"The cat scratching post that I highly recommend is made by TopCat Products.  It's sisal-covered and the fabric is very tight and well done. The post is round so it's easy for a cat to get his paws around it and for a kitten, this makes for great climbing."--Pam Johnson-Bennett, feline behaviorist and author of "Think Like a Cat", "Twisted Whiskers", "Hiss and Tell" and "Cat vs. Cat".

Our cat scratching posts are listed by many cat websites and animal rescue organizations including:  PETA, Paws Chicago, Lisa Violet,  Stop Declaw, and Save A Paw, Cat Care "Tips & Tricks", etc.

"I just rec'd my scratching post yesterday and already my cat has taken to it w/ gusto. I have never had a cat in my life, so I was unaware what a huge difference the right post could make. The one I purchased from a chain store, although aesthetically pleasing, was so insubstantial that the cat dwarfed it and it constantly fell over. Your product proves that good and function are not mutually exclusive. I, my cat, and my dining room chairs thank you!"  Vickie

"Just received your scratching post - both cats LOVE it - already. Very good quality and good price. Will order all future posts from you.  Thank you,"  Linda

"I purchased a scratching post and base from you about a month ago, and wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a wonderful product I received.  You shipped the product promptly after purchase, and I received it in great condition.  The base and post of top quality tightly woven sisal were easy to assemble, and very stable on my hardwood floor.  My new kitten took to the post right away and LOVES to retrieve the fuzzy purple glitter pom pom you surprised us with in the box.  We don’t worry about him scratching anything else in the house! Your scratching post and base are by far the best quality product I’ve found, and I look forward to being a customer for many years to come."  Thanks again, Stacie

"My husband and I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful we think your product is. Our cat took to her post right away. We were nervous  about what could happen to our furniture adopting a cat, but she quite obviously finds her post much more appealing than our furniture because she has not gone for it at all!  Also, we temporarily had a 12 lb. cat here who would take running leaps to the top of the post and the post would not fall over. It is well-made, sturdy, and it really seems appealing to cats.  Wonderful product!"  Katie

"I just received my TopCat Scratching Post about 20 minutes ago. Putting it together was a snap. BaxterCat sat patiently while I put it together. Then the magic happened. He leaped onto the post and just began scratching furiously. It did not move around like the others I tried. You have a devoted customer for life or maybe for 9 lives! Thank you for saving my furniture and my sanity."

Most Sincerely, Andrea

"I am currently on my second TopCat sisal scratching post - just had to replace the post last year because my two cats LOVE this scratching post  and tore the first one to shreds. It is nice and tall and very stable so they can really stretch and scratch. I will personally keep buying the replacement posts!"  Coleen

"Hi TopCat,  The scratching post arrived and was set up in the cat room when I went to volunteer on Saturday. As expected, it was a big hit with the cats. They were already scratching on it and climbing it. A couple of times a cat climbed up and perched on it. A true hit!

Thank you from the cats at LHS=)."

"I do not usually write comments about products, but I had to let you know how much my cats love your tall scratching post. They took to it right away, even my outside/inside cat likes it. I purchased one for my daughter's cat and she was also very impressed. Thank you for making such a well made product that brings a lot of enjoyment to my feline friends. Best of all, it was made in the USA."  JOY

"I wanted to let your company know that my spirited Siamese of 20 years enjoyed his flat scratchers well into his old age. Right up to within a week or so of his passing, there he was doing "scatchy scatchy" on one of the well worn corners of his latest model! I haven't moved it yet; it's been just a week since he left us. Perhaps a future addition will pick up where Matthew  left off on the 3rd corner :)  Your products are wonderful and I am certain the exercise and mental health resulting from his daily use of the flat scratcher added to his excellent health and to his happy and very long life. While I never considered declawing my baby, if this very positive referral prevents an owner from resorting to needless amputation, this note of praise for your company and its products will be worth sending.  With warmest regards, Michael"

"Hi TopCat, I Would just like to say that my new British Blue kitten absolutely loves his scratch post. Getting it over from the US was a bit of a mission in the end, having to transfer it from my partner's New York office but it was SO worth it!!"  Lesley-Ann

"Dear Friends,  We received the scratching post several days ago that we had ordered as a gift  for my daughter's kitten. They came to visit yesterday and we assembled the post (an easy task). I knew the post would be awesome because we have three other TopCat posts for our own cats. That's why there was no discussion on what type of post to get the new kitten. I was a bit surprised that she did not immediately take interest in the post, but that was because a blue sparkly ball had popped out of the package and she just went crazy for it! That's a kitten for you! Soon, though, she did catch on to the post and was climbing all over it. We know it was a wise purchase and will be part of a healthy life as she grows in mind and body. Thank you again for creating such a wonderful product and for realizing that sisal fabric is really the best for cats."  Sincerely, Glenna

"My kittens LOVE LOVE LOVE their new scratching post and floor scratcher!  Thank you!"  Warm regards, Bonnie

"Hi folks, I just put a small "feature" about your scratching  posts at the top of my Library page. Let's see if it gets some more visitors over to your excellent product.  This is where the feature is:  Glenda

Thanks again for the second scratching post - I put this one a few feet away from the litter boxes, and they adore it! The original one is near the living room doorway, so they grab a scratch coming and going. :-)"

"Yesterday, I received the replacement Top Cat post, and the complete new set you sent me. The cats are delighted - I peeked into the other room to see skinny Tuxedo perched on top of it, and Dilly wrapped around the bottom of it. Made me laugh. I appreciate it very much.  And I'm glad that my mention of the TopCat scratching post on my website has apparently sent some folks your way. It's a great product; the sisal fabric is excellent, the workmanship is excellent, and the height makes it a definite winner.  Glenda"

"Hi, This is the third time that I have ordered from your company. The scratching post that you make is the only one that works! I have tried, in the past, many other products of different types and materials, only to have the cats ignore them. They are drawn to Top Cat without training. (Who can train a cat--they train you!) I thank you, and so does my furniture, for making such an excellent product available."  Hildy

"I received your flat cat scratcher.  I love it. It is really beautifully made and framed in hardwood, which gives it a lovely finished look.  I purchased it for my new kitten, Spunky.  I have never had a 100% indoor cat before, and my plan is to do everything I can to protect my furniture.  When I put my little black kitten, Spunky, on your scratcher, he IMMEDIATELY knew what to do. He loves the smell and the feel of it. Needless to say, I am relieved. Thank you very much!"  Julia

"I'll tell you this, my big ole ragdoll cat is ABSOLUTELY in love with your post. It's nice and big, it's super durable, and he's just crazy in love with it. My wife and I are amazed every time we watch him stretch out and scratch on it, and even sometimes hopping up on top of it -- pretty funny for a 15 pound cat. This is a great product that every cat owner needs to know about. It is well worth the price!!!!  Thanks much."  Bill

"I frequent the cat shoppe often and love Chris in all her infinite wisdom. She told me about the scratching post and per her advice, I bought one. I had planned  to do exactly as the instructions said and lay the post out so my cats could get used to it; however as soon as I laid it on the floor my cats attacked it.  I have never seen them so excited over a new "toy". They wouldn't let me put it together and I had to do so when they were asleep. They have an old scratching post made of carpet, but this is the one they use most often. I can tell that I will need to purchase another one so they can have multiple places to scratch and stretch. Thank you for making such a well made and ascetically pleasing product. Sam and Bodhi love it!"  Stephanie

"I have a beautiful Ragdoll who is naturally anxious. To alleviate her anxiety, she uses her Top Cat scratching post. I just ordered a second post to put in another room for her. I always had cats who were declawed, and I am now staunchly against it. I love to see my Ragdoll scratching. It's so cute!"  Meighan

"I just received my TopCat Scratching Post about 20 minutes ago. Putting it together was a snap. BaxterCat sat patiently while I put it together. Then the magic happened. He leaped onto the TopCat and just began scratching furiously. It did not move around like the others I tried. You have a devoted customer for life or maybe for 9 lives! Thank you for saving my furniture and my sanity."  Most Sincerely, Andrea

"My cat LOVES his scratching post - it's the best ever. I'm getting out my Flip camera right now!"  Laurel

"The replacement scratching post arrived today in excellent condition. We really appreciate such great customer service---which is often sorely lacking in today's society. This is the third one of your posts that we have purchased for our cat. She was in heaven this morning when we took the new post out of the box. Many thanks."  Carol & Bill

"Dear Sirs / Madam...Thank You!  Our Sisal Base Scratching Posts arrived today... and they are Fantastic!  Excellent design, materials and workmanship.  Congratulations on a  fine product. Two of our cats took to them right away... no "introduction" was necessary!  And... they thank you for the included cat toys. Warm best regards, Gabor and Valerie ... and most sincerely: Zoe, Callie and Isabelle >^..^<",

"Good Afternoon, My cat is destroying my couches. I’ve bought multiple scratching posts for him in the past and was weary to buy another one and pay more than usual.  As soon as I opened the box he was all over it. I put the post next to the couch and he now ignores the furniture and uses the post! I am very impressed with this product! I’d like to thank you and will recommend your product to others in the same situation! "  Amy

"Dear TopCat, William the cat is delighted with his scratching post. As soon as the box was opened, he was rolling on the base. Now it's saved the life of the slipcover on the chair. We will order another one when we get back to our home in Dayton. I want to add a special Thank You for the very prompt shipment. I am recommending your products to all our cat friends."  Regards

"HiFolks,  Just wanted to let you know how much my kitty Zack loves his TopCat scratching post. He's 11 months and vigorously attacks it at times when he's feeling rambunctious. It's always his favorite spot for his morning full body stretch. It's a very sturdy post and still looks like new. I even added a second kitty, Riley, to my household and he loves it too. I have never had issues with my cats scratching my furniture. I truly believe if you give them their furniture they will leave yours alone. Thanks for such a great, sturdy product."  Kris

"Hello. I have been meaning to shoot you a quick email letting you how much my cat (and my couch) thanks you for this scratching post!  I’ve had it for a few months and TK (Turbo Kitty) really loves the way he can stretch out on it.  He uses it all the time now.  When I got the post, I trimmed off the strings from the front and back of the couch that appeared when he used it for scratching purposes.  I don’t really see any new damage, so I can thank your scratcher for that.  He gets pretty aggressive with it, but it hasn’t tipped over..  Plus, it still looks brand new. Thank you, thank you!  Very high quality scratcher and nicely made."  Tena

"Hi, I thought I'd let you know of my approval of Top Cat products.  I am Serephine, an alpha female, French Chartreux. That's why my eyes look orange, it's not bad camera technique.  I was born four years ago in New London, NH and now I live in Littleton, MA. I am a Leo. I am a gray, woolly girl, a hell raiser. I follow my mother everywhere. I  am sleeping in her desk in-box right now.  See, I've been dropping "scratching hints" now for years and she finally got it. I need a tall post to stretch out my body after a catnap. And now I got one from Mr. TopCat!  This post really rocks!  I am happy now that I don't have to use the dining room chairs for my manicures. The pink damask tablecloth (that one got me in hot water) just doesn't seem to amuse me anymore. This sisal stuff on my new tree is  just so cool.  The box the man brought it in is also a great place to hide and pounce on her feet.  The purple ottoman, I'm still not sure about that one. I might keep using it to sharpen up my nails. Of course, my Top Cat scratchy pad is next to it now so maybe I'll just give Kasha (my mom) a break and lay off the ottoman, or maybe just lay on it.  I bet she's still gonna traumatize me with those stupid nail clippers, and that scary towel she wraps me in.  Thanks to you Mr. TopCat for my first sisal scratchy tree.  And for my mother's laugh when I climb and scratch at it.
Meow,  Serephine (a cat who owns her owner Kasha)"

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